Lesson Unit 0 - Introduction and Survey

Lesson 0

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Francis Invites Us to Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus Christ


A. Introduction

B. Survey

C. Information

1. The Origin of the Course and its Aims

1.1. The Beginning
1.2. The Idea
1.3. Spirituality and Theology of the Course
1.4. Revision of the Course at “Assisi ’94”

2. Contents and Methodology
2.1. The Structure of the Course
2.2. Study Aids
2.3. Methodological Aids
2.4. Ways of Working with the CCFMC
2.5. Pedagogical Aids and Simplified “Short Versions”

3. Cooperators
3.1. Members of the Present International Board
3.2. Executive Committee
3.3. Authors
3.4. Intercultural Team
3.5. Editorial Team
3.6. Continental and National Coordinators

D. Statutes of the CCFMC
1. Statutes
2. The CCFMC Organigram

E. Index
1. Literature
2. The Holy Scriptures
3. Franciscan Basic Sources
4. Abbreviations
5. The Most Important Modern Franciscan Sources
6. The Most Important Documents of the Second Vatican Council
7. The Most Important Documents of the Church
8. Picture Credits

Chronological Tables


From the Sources

Francis' Invites Us to Follow in the Footsteps of Jesus Christ

Francis of Assisi received the stigma two years before he died and twenty years since his conversion. After that he endured many illnesses, which for him was a great trial and much tribulation. As with a stone that is destined for the building of the Heavenly Jerusalem, he was trimmed and hammered into shape. Once there, he lay down, gravely ill as he was yet full of spirit – quite naked upon the bare earth. He desired to show, in accord with the example of eternal wisdom that he had nothing in common with this world. Stripped of his poor habit, he lay on the ground; he raised his eyes to Heaven, as was his wont, full of expectation of the glories and splendours to come. In doing so, he covered the wound on his side with his hand lest anyone one should chance to see it. Then he asked that they bring him to St Mary's at Portiuncula, so that there where he had received the Spirit of Grace, might be the place where he would breathe forth his spirit to the Creator. Then he said to the Brothers "I have done what is mine to do: May Christ teach you what is yours (Based on LM XIV,3 and 2 C 214).